Syncro Vanagon-Subaru Conversion Kit: '00-'04

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Finally, a complete kit of parts to convert your Vanagon to a smooth, powerful, and more reliable Subaru powerplant. This kit is a matched and proven set of parts that takes the worry out of building a Subaru powered Vanagon. No scouring the internet, fabricating parts, and worrying about whether muffler “A” will fit with bracket “B”. You will be rewarded with a finished conversion that looks and drives better than the original in every way - like it came from the VW-Subaru factory!

Why chose our conversion kit for your Syncro over the competitors? Our kit is the only one on the market that allows you to retain your origonal Syncro skid plate.

The kit is compatible and designed specifically for a 2000-2004 Non-Drive-By-Wire EJ25 Subaru Motor that is rebuilt and includes all peripherals to allow for either a professional installation or the advanced DIYer.





  • Hall Effect Speed Sensor Kit (For stock CVs)
  • Interface Board OR Interface Board Deluxe
    • Interface Board: Kills the majority of trouble codes your ECU will throw from missing components. 
    • Interface Board Delixe: Kills all but two trouble codes, allows for coolant temperature gauge adjustment, contains a neutral switch circuit, and corrects the Subaru tach signal to work with the Vanagon tachometer. 


The following parts may be necesary to finish your conversion but are not included in the conversion kit. Please give the following a read to determine what additional parts you may need. 

Stainless Steel Coolant Pipes: Early watercooled Vanagons (pre-1986) came with metal coolant pipes that run from the egnine to the radiator. Over time these pipes rust and should be replaced. If yours are in good shape then no need to replace. Late Vanagons (post-1985) came with plastic coolant pipes that almost always fail. These plastic pipes must be replaced. 

Coolant Expansion Bottle: We offer a plastic coolant expansion bottle and an aluminum version. The plastic bottles have a reputation for leaking over time and the caps tend to fail. Because of that we highly reccomend going with our aluminum expansion bottle. Click the link and check out all it's handy features like the sight glass and bleeding valve. 

Stainless Steel Exhaust with Metallic Catalytic Converter (Two Oxygen Sensor Ports): This exhaust kit takes care of your exhaust after the headers that are included in the conversion kit. You'll recieve everything you need to finish your exhaust system. Click the link for more details. 

Power Steering Pressure Hose: You'll need a power steering hose in order to connect the Subaru power steering pump to the Vanagon power steering lines. The quiet hose is offered as the Subaru power steering pump tends to be louder than the origonal Vanagon pump. 

Tachometer Faceplate Upgrade: Once you have modified your tach signal to work with your Vanagon tachometer you will need to update the faceplate in order to get an accurate reading. We have 7K and 8K faceplates available in black and white. 

Wiring Harness Modification: Small Car Performance provides multiple options for your Subaru to Vanagon harness. 

Alternator Harness: The alternator harness is a separate harness that you'll need if you do not have the origonal harness from the Subaru. This is a brand new harness that is sure to last. 

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