Reversed Coolant Manifold & Heater Pipe

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The SCP cast aluminum reversed coolant manifold for four cylinder Subaru engines has been developed and perfected over the last thirteen years and over 400 completed conversions. This integrated coolant bypass lets your heater work to its capabilities while still properly cooling the engine - even in very hot climates. Our design also includes a coolant temperature sensor that is correctly calibrated to the Vanagon temperature gauge. The only rewiring needed on the engine harness is to plug the temperature sensor wire onto the supplied sender. No wiring extension needed! 

Please Note: There is no need to send in your core.


All Subaru 2.2L and 2.5L Naturally Aspirated Engines will also need:

  • Intake Manifold Gaskets (linked below)
  • Coolant Hose Kit (linked below)


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