SCP Terms and Conditions

Small Car Performance Terms and Conditions

Our mission is to manufacture and supply innovative, high-quality parts at reasonable prices. We aim to provide technical support to professional technicians as well as do-it-yourselfers who are customers of SCP.

Purchased Parts

SCP manufactured parts are warrantied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the purchase date. If a product is found to be defective within this time, contact us, return the product, and we will repair or replace the item (at our option) and return ship to you at no charge. SCP reserves the right to inspect the part prior to shipment of a new part. The warranty does not include installation error, or any damage associated with improper installation or application.

Tech support is provided during the warranty period. This does not include compensation for lost time or cost for another shop to install.

The only remedies the purchaser has in connection with the breach or performance of any warranty on Small Car Performance parts are those set forth herein. In no event will Small Car Performance be liable for incidental or consequential damages or injuries, including but not limited to loss of use or any other loss.

Warranty and technical support are not transferrable on SCP Manufactured Parts.

Resale Products

Warranty claims for resale products are subject to manufacturer’s terms and conditions. This varies widely. Please contact our team for details by product.

Used Parts

These are sold “as-is” with no warranty expressed or implied.

Core Returns

Core returns must be received within 90 days from the date of purchase. Cores need to be inspected approved for return prior to refunding core deposit. Return the core with a copy of the receipt or purchaser information.

Exercising Warranty/Returns:

All new unused part(s) returns must be within 30 days from the date of purchase and must be approved by Small Car Performance. Non-approved returns will be considered abandoned. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returns. Shipping is not reimbursed. No returns on electrical parts, paper manuals, diagrams, or instructions.

Defective SCP manufactured parts should be returned for inspection and will be either repaired or replaced at SCP’s discretion. Please See above for details.

International Shipping Terms

SCP is not responsible for country by country custom paperwork or liability if shipment is held by local shippers or governments. We strongly encourage customers get insurance and work through local distribution channels if possible. Please contact us for any questions.


Engine Conversion Warranty 

SCP offers a class leading engine conversion for the repower and/or mechanical restoration of vintage VWs.  All rebuilt motors come with a 12 month/12,000-mile warranty whichever comes first.  Conversion warranty is exclusive to rebuilt long block installations.  Engine peripherals are warrantied for 90 days from invoice.  This includes alternator, AC compressor, power steering, water pump, etc.    

Engine Warranty Requirements 

The following list of requirements is not exhaustive, but it captures the necessity of proper care for the longevity of your conversion:  

  • 500-mile service performed by SCP within 3 months of taking delivery 
  • Documented oil changes at 3,000-mile increments (sent by email to SCP) 
  • Functioning odometer 
  • Functioning coolant gauge and warning lights 
  • A rust-free fuel system 

The warranty does not apply to engine failure from improper installation of accessories, running the engine out of oil, oil additives, or overheating.  SCP reserves the right to void any warranty where necessary components are removed, a non-SCP coolant system is used, or other forms of neglect to the engine are determined through our engine teardown and documentation. 

SCP does not assume any responsibility for towing charges, fluid loss, time, or vehicle loss.  The warranty we offer is for replacement parts and labor as provided herein.  SCP has no other warranties expressed or implied and any shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.  

Removed Parts 

All parts removed during the conversion become the property of Small Car Performance.  This ensures proper disposal, upcycling, and sustainability for both our industry and our environment.   

Core Charges  

Engine and transmissions removed during the conversion process are retained as "cores" and recycled accordingly. If a vehicle arrives without an engine and/or transmission you will be charged a “core” charge. Our current “core” charges are: $500 for an engine and $1100 for an automatic or manual transmission. Our transmission providers inspect and determine if your transmission can be rebuilt. SCP will return your full “core” deposit if there is no work needed. If the transmission needs any parts and labor, you will receive the difference between your deposit and the total cost of the work. 

Exercising an Engine Warranty 

The process for making a warranty claim is as follows: 

  1. Contact SCP and provide a summary of the issue. SCP will verify date of installation and 500-mile service to determine the validity of the warranty. 
  2. Schedule service appointment with SCP 
  3. If out of state, contact SCP for approved service provider discussion 
  4. Upon SCP inspection or approved service provider inspection, SCP will make determination of warranty claim.   
  5. At no point, should you authorize major work to a conversion during the warranty period without written prior approval from SCP.   
  6. If you exercise any warranty work on your vehicle by approving another shop to begin service, prior to proper communication with SCP, we reserve the right to void your warranty.   

Warranty Scheduling 

In the event the warranty needs to be exercised, our team will work to schedule your vehicle for service as soon as possible.   

Warranty claimed parts for the conversion will be replaced at the retail cost and the labor rate for warranty work will be reimbursed at a labor rate of $70/hr. calculated using industry standard rates via All Data. 

AC Installation Warranty

Our mission is to modernize and improve the vehicles we convert and service to the highest standard possible.  Considering these vehicles are 30-60 years old, it is important to standardize our terms, conditions, and warranties.   

Service Warranty 

  • Labor: SCP’S labor is warrantied for 90 days 
  • Parts: This varies by supplier. Resale products are subject to manufacturer’s terms and conditions.  This includes SCP manufactured parts.   

 Dash AC Warranty 

SCP strives provide the best aftermarket air conditioning systems for vintage VWs.   

  • SCP warranties all labor for installation of the Dash AC System for Vanagons and rear AC for T2 Buses.   
  • Rear Vanagon AC refits, recharges, or service are not warrantied.  No exceptions.   
  • Although rare, here is a list of parts in the installation that are warrantied: 
    • Evaporator 
    • Receiver/drier 
    • Condenser
    • Hoses 
  • Fittings, O-rings, and used compressors are not warranty items. 
  • If new parts are declined to reuse “good” used parts, we reserve the right to decline a warranty claim. 

Dash AC Warranty Claims 

AC system failures need to be diagnosed by SCP or an SCP approved AC technician prior to any warranty work being completed.   

  • AC recharge reimbursement has a maximum of $200-includes parts & labor 
  • SCP does not reimburse diagnostic time 
  • SCP does not reimburse labor for major part failure (evaporator, compressor, etc.) but we will replace the unit. 
  • SCP’s labor reimbursements are $70/hr. 

Non-SCP Conversion Service 

SCP does not warranty any work to troubleshoot and service a conversion to a vehicle that was not completed at SCP.  To service a converted vehicle, you must purchase a complete vehicle inspection to determine path forward.  After inspection, SCP reserves the right to decline service.  In the event this happens, we will offer the customer a quote for a complete conversion.   

Removed Parts 

All parts removed during the service or conversion become the property of Small Car Performance.  This ensures proper disposal, upcycling, and sustainability for both our industry and our environment.  

Deposits for Parts, Installations, or Service

In order to provide the custom parts, solutions, and installations SCP will routinely take a deposit for work to be completed to secure time in our production schedule.  Deposits for air conditioning installations, Subaru conversions, and transmission upgrades/service are binding.  Refunds of those deposits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Credit card fees: SCP will take take deposit payments for major projects by credit card.  For the avoidance of a 3% service charge, customers may pay the remaining balance via bank check, wire transfer, or cash.  

Retail labor rates are $175/hr.  For customers supplying his or her own parts, the labor rate is $200/hr.