Electric Conversions

With 40 years of experience engineering and installing Subaru conversions its time to go ELECTRIC! Small Car is now offering electric conversions for VW Buses and Vanagons. 
In case you missed the introductory video to our 536 horsepower, 200+ mile range, Model S P85 swapped Vanagon, check it out on our Instagram!
We are currently offering two levels of EV conversion on classic Volkswagens and we're open to exploring other makes and models as well. The two offerings are summed up below.

Tier 1

Tier 2

- Motor: Netgain Hyper 9 System120 Horsepower
- 173 Lbft Torque
- Batteries: Tesla Model S/X Modules
- Range: 100-150 miles (vehicle weight/shape           dependent)
- Charging: Level 2
- Transmission: Transmission retained or upgraded.

-Motor: Tesla Drive Unit 294 to 536 Horsepower
- 243 to 445 Lbft Torque
- Batteries: Tesla Model S/X Modules
- Range: 200+ (vehicle weight/shape dependent)
- Charging: Level 2
- Transmission: Automatic single speed.

We offer various add-ons such as air conditioning, heating, and charger upgrades in addition to our line of SCP products such as our big brake kits, interior upgrades, etc.
Pricing starts at: $50,000 and will increase depending on options selecting and the vehicle being electrified.