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Syncro Conversion FAQ

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After the Vanagon arrives, we usually have it finished in 3-4 weeks. Add a couple of weeks if other major upgrades are in play.

Transmission rebuilds can add some more time, let's talk!

Everyone has different reasons, but they can as simple as wanting the safety of an AWD system or as complicated as wanting to win the Syncro Challenge Cup at SyncroFest in Hollister Hills, CA.

The costs vary quite a bit, but if you find a complete Syncro from under $10,000 you have a great starting point. There are still deals out there and we have a few in the >$9,000 range.

Donor cars are purchased like normal cars! There is a bill of sale, title transfer, etc. The one things to remember is that donor Syncro is going to need a transmission and differential rebuild. Consider those items when creating your budget!

There are many options! You can choose from limited slip or locking differentials, to having selectible 4wd. The best bet is to talk with with Austin or Ransom at the shop to understand your needs and build the rig that suits your lifestyle.


We do not have an engine conversion requirement! That being said, if you have a conversion already that is a complete mess you must budget for that. We have installed Syncro AWD in stock WBX, Bostig, and 1.8T applications.

$35,000 should not be sticker shock. Let's do some quick napkin math:

Donor: $10,000

Transmission rebuild: $5,000

Front Differential rebuild: $1,500

Installation: $10,000

That total right there is already almost $27,000 and we haven't even quoted new shocks, springs, bushings, teardown of the donor, etc.

Our price is what you end up walking out the door if you do it right. We would rather give you the full picture of the conversion costs!

If a shop offers you a low price, ask them how much the donor costs and what parts are being replaced or rebuilt. Then I encourage you to call us!

If we install a decoupler, a smaller spare can be used as a temporary spare. If no decoupler is installed, the alternatives are to stick to a tire size that will fit in the stock or modified spare area or to add a tire carrier over the back bumper or on the roof.

Our modified spare carrier holds up to about a 215/65-16 tire.

They are a non-progressive spring so you get rid of the porpoising or pitching that can be experienced on other springs. We also recommend Schwenk Springs for this conversion.