Small Car Performance is now offering electric conversions for vintage VWs.  Our first platform was 10 years ago with the New Leaf VW Beetle, and now we have introduced the Model V: Electric VW Vanagon.  Sporting over 200 miles of range, our flagship EV conversion just won Best 2WD at SyncroFest.  This van is not only great for range, but it drives unlike any Vanagon you have ever experienced.  Check our Instagram to see videos of the Model V in action and learn more!  

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Small Car Performance Vanagon Conversions


The Vanagon is perhaps the most versatile of vehicles. It can be everything from a moving Van to a motor home and to some even a sports car. VW upgraded the engine several times since 1980 ending up with 2.1L and 95 horsepower in the 1986-1991's. From the beginning, the water cooled four was plagued with head gasket problems and VW dealers had their hands full with warranty repairs. They never seemed to be able to cure the corrosion issues on the Wasserboxer's heads and many long term Vanagon owners necessarily look upon this $2000-$3000 repair as a regular maintenance item.

TYPE-2 Bus Conversions

In addition to Subaru conversions on Vanagons, we also do Subaru conversions on Type 2 VW Buses. We offer these conversions with all 4-cylinder Subaru engines (2.2L, 2.5L, 2.0T, and 2.5T). Whatever engine you choose, you’ll be amazed by the change in your Bus’ power and ride. Most important, however, is the reliability, comfort, and peace of mind that a Subaru-powered Bus will provide you.


We're often asked "What's the cheapest way to do a Subaru engine conversion?"

The answer: make it right the first time!

We've designed superbly engineered parts to convert your Vanagon to a smooth, powerful Subaru power-plant. Our kits are a matched and proven set of parts that takes the worry out of building a Subaru powered Vanagon. No scouring the internet, fabricating parts, and worrying about whether muffler A will fit with bracket B. You will be rewarded with a finished conversion that looks and drives better than the original in every way. We are the only source for the parts necessary to use engines as new as 2012!


New SCP Innovations

  • The Model V is here!  EV Conversions for Vanagons and Buses: Vintage EVs
  • Our South Tacoma Grille headlight brackets and lights are available for pre-order!  Click here!
  • T3 South Tacoma Grill Click Here
  • T2 Big Disc Brakes Click Here
  • T2 Complete Conversion Kits Click Here
  • T2/T3 VW 3-speed Automatic Transmission Supreme Click Here 

Partnership Announcements


Business Updates

SCP is proud to announce our distribution partnership with Werke1 Canada

Werke1 Partnership


Build Your Dream Syncro!

Do you have a desire for a Syncro Multivan? Or how about a Syncro Carat? Maybe you just happen to own a 1985 Camper with 61K on the odometer and you want better traction in all weathers. We can convert your two wheel drive Vanagon into a Syncro and at the same time install a Subaru engine to give you the ultimate in power, traction, economy and reliability!