Dash Air Conditioning for Vanagons

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For years, Vanagon owners have suffered with air conditioning that is at best...marginal. Westfalias are the worst because the A/C outlets are just above the rear passenger's heads and so the best you can hope for in the driver or passenger seat is to have cool air blowing at the back of your head.

Small Car Performance has been selling and installing a solution to that problem for years. And now, the solution is even better! Introducing the Gen 5 Small Car Performance Dash Air Conditioning. Now delivering 20% more cubic feet per minute than the gen 4 for increased cooling capacity.

Unlike the original Vanagon, but like most all modern cars, the system has air blending control so you can control the temperature of the air flow for comfort year-round. The output, whether heat or A/C, can be directed to the floor, defrost, or the dash outlets. The system is capable of excellent defrosting using the evaporator to remove moisture.

The full glove box remains available for your storage as does the ash tray.

All the controls including the temperature and the fan speed are infinitely variable. We have endeavored to design a system that betters the original and still looks like it might be a factory installation. This system recirculates inside air so no outside pollution or odors can enter unless you choose to open a window.


Powder coated face plates are offered with two radio positions. The right mounted radia allows you to fit a full sized radio with CD player.

Right Mounted Stereo

Center Mounted Stereo*

The center mounted radio allows you to retain radio located but a mech-less (no CD player) radio must be used.

*The A/C Evaporator takes up the majority of the space under the dash. Therefore, a traditional CD equipped stereo is too deep to fit in the center of the dash. Consequently, a mechless stereo is required - one without the ability to play CDs. It is a much shallower stereo and is a perfect fit. You can still wire a music player, listen to the radio, or Bluetooth your cell phone. You just can't play CD's. Welcome to the 21st Century! We have great success with the Sony DSX-A410BT.

We are offering this kit complete with all the parts to do the job yourself except for the refrigerant lines, the compressor, and the condenser. If you have the factory A/C, the condenser in front of the radiator can be reused, as can the A/C Compressor if it is in good condition. The refrigerant hoses necessary for the A/C system will vary by vehicle and engine/compressor type. Additionally, with some installs the origonal ash tray does not fit or does not open completely. Be sure to add one of our shortened ash trays to your cart or buy one later here if needed. 

Kit Includes:

  1. Plenum unit with fan, evaporator and heater core
  2. Variable controls for air temp, fan speed and air direction
  3. Wiring with electronic control unit and relays
  4. New powder coated dash face
  5. Three control knobs and custom faceplate
  6. Electric heater valve
  7. Two additional louvered vents for dash - similar to the OEM vents
  8. Hose for heater core, heat and dash vents and defrost
  9. Adapters for defrost vents
  10. Cover for original air intake and bracket for plenum mounting
  11. Extension for radio antenna with right side radio option

Parts NOT Supplied:



We also sell upgraded climate control options separately if desired.The DCC-3000 and the DCC-2500 both offer lit controls with automatic temperature control settings.


DCC-3000 3-Knob DCC-2500 Standard Knobs: 3 Knob Vintage Air


For more information check out our dedicated Dash A/C and Climate Control Page