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Sony "Mechless" Stereo

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Small Car's Dash AC upgrade takes up the majority of the space under the dashboard. Consequently, a traditional CD equipped stereo is too deep. Therefore, a mechless stereo is required - one without the ability to play CDs. It is a much shallower stereo and is a perfect fit. We love this Sony model!

You can still wire a music player, listen to the radio, or Bluetooth your phone. You just can't play CD's. Welcome to the 21st Century! 


Short Chassis: With receivers shorter in depth than any of our previous models, installation is made easier in a wider range of cars than ever before.

Music Mix: Up to 5 Bluetooth® devices can be paired to the receiver at the same time. You can enjoy audio streaming just by switching the devices with your friends or family.

Dual Phone Connection:While you are connected through Bluetooth, with a touch of a button you can switch between two phones.

Remote App: A smartphone application can control most basic functions of the receiver over the Bluetooth connection of the paired phone (iPhone or Android).

Wireless Music Browsing: Search and select songs from your music collection through a Bluetooth connection.

Graphic EQ: 13-Band equalizer and DTA gives optimal tuning enhancements for listeners.

Drive EQ: Boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal to overcome the negative impact of road noise.

FLAC Supported: Compatible with various audio file formats from high-res FLAC and WAV, to MP3, WMA and AAC.

Variable Color Illumination: Bright variable color LEDs can be adjusted to match any color dash lighting.