Dash AC Installations

Vanagon camper owners have suffered with no air conditioning or at a minimum a marginal A/C system. Westfalias are the worst! The A/C outlets are above the rear passengers' heads so the best you can hope for in the driver or passenger seat is to have a cool neck.


We offer a great solution! With our system we give you heat and A/C at the dash outlets, as well as the floor and the defrost vents. Two additional rectangular vents are installed in the dash face and can be aimed where you need them.

Unlike the original Vanagon, but like most all modern cars, the system has air blending control so you can control the temperature of the air flow for comfort year-round. The output, whether heat or A/C, can be directed to the floor, defrost, or the dash outlets. The system is capable of excellent defrosting using the evaporator to remove moisture.

The air is recycled interior air so the A/C is most effective. Outside air can be introduced with the windows if desired.

Installation Details:
We offer this installation in our shop for any Vanagon with any engine. If you have A/C already, the condenser in front of the radiator can be reused, as can the A/C compressor if it is in good condition. Please note, that if you have extra equipment in or on the dash - gauges, cruise control, etc. - there may be extra labor costs for the installation.

Radios can either be mounted in the center of the dash or to the right. If mounted in the center a mech-less unit is required due to the added components behind the dash. We have has good luck with this Sony Mech-less Stereo.

In addition to the three knob AC controls shown above we offer a Digital Climate Control option to make the system even more modern. We offer two models, the DCC-2500 1-knob with digital display and the DCC-3000 3-knob style interface. These interfaces have up to six temperature sensors to provide a more consistent and accurate cabin temperature.

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