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Syncro Conversions

Build your dream Syncro! 

Do you have a desire for a Syncro Multivan? Or how about a Syncro Carat? Even though VW never built these particular Vanagon combinations doesn't mean you can't have one. We can do it!

Syncro Westfalias have also reached a price point where building one from a 2WD Westy is now becoming cheaper than buying one!


One of the important aspects of this conversion is that it results in a Vanagon that looks and functions just like an original all wheel drive Syncro - of course even better with a Subaru engine!

How it's done
We start with a Syncro donor and remove all the parts to build your Vanagon. This includes the following:
   - Fuel tank and filler neck including fuel filler surround
   - 5-speed transmission
   - Front differential
   - Driveline
   - Front suspension and subframe
   - Rear springs and shocks
   - Skid plate and driveline protectors if present

After removing the Syncro components from your donor van they will be installed onto your 2WD van making it a four wheel drive. Once all the Syncro components have been installed we will refil all fluids and your van will be ready to take on some Syncro terrain. 

Not Included
   - Conversion of your waterboxer engine to Syncro specifications (not necessary if we're doing a Subaru conversion).
   - Conversion to a manual transmission if your Vanagon is an automatic - would include pedal assembly and shift linkage installation but engine related components are not included
   - Note that the Syncro donor parts are sold in exchange for the parts removed from your Vanagon. Please ask for a quote to retain your old parts like the transmission for example.

Optional Upgrades

There are many upgrades you can do during your Syncro conversion. Some of these are listed and linked below. 

   - Rebuild Syncro transmission + needed shafts & gears
   - Install limited slip in transmission 
   - Front and rear brake upgrades 
   - New driveline
   - Powder coat front suspension parts 
   - Decoupler (allows 2WD operation) 
   - Performance shocks and springs
   - New CV joints, ball joints, tie rod ends or wheel bearings
   - New front suspension bushings
   - A/C recharge or conversion 
   - Convert waterboxer into a Syncro engine