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Syncro Conversions

Thinking of building your dream Syncro?

The Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro is a fantastically capable all-wheel-drive vehicle with a lot of collector value.  As times marches on, the number of these original Syncros are wrecked, rusted out, or neglected is increasing creating "donor" vans.  Using the donor vans we can breathe new Syncro life into your 2WD Vanagon.   


How it's done
We start with a Syncro donor and remove all the Syncro parts required to convert your Vanagon: 
   - Fuel tank and filler neck including fuel filler surround
   - 5-speed transmission (requires rebuild)
   - Front differential (requires rebuild)
   - Driveline
   - Front suspension and subframe are painted and installed
   - Interior Syncro parts (speedometer, selector panel, etc.)
   - Skid plate and driveline protectors if present

We also replace the following items during the Syncro conversion installation:

   - Front and rear disc brakes
   - New driveline
   - Performance shocks and springs
   - New CV joints, ball joints, tie rod ends or wheel bearings
   - New polyurethane front suspension bushings


Example upgrade options for your Syncro
   - CV joint upgrades
   - Decoupler (allows 2WD operation) 

   - Install limited slip or lockers in transmission and/or front differential 

   - Install custom skid plates

   - Install winch or recovery gear

   - Extended rear trailing arms for larger tire clearance


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