Air Conditioning for T2 Buses

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For years, T2 Bus owners have suffered with air conditioning that is at best...non-existant.

Small Car Performance has been selling and installing a solution to that problem for years. And now, the solution is even better! Introducing the Gen 5 T2 Kit Small Car Performance Dash Air Conditioning. Now delivering 20% more cubic feet per minute than the gen 4 for increased cooling capacity.

All the controls including the temperature and the fan speed are infinitely variable. We have endeavored to design a system that betters the original and still looks like it might be a factory installation. This system recirculates inside air so no outside pollution or odors can enter unless you choose to open a window.


*The A/C Evaporator takes up a lot of space under the rear seat. So be prepared to change some of your storage needs in that space.  

We are offering this kit complete with all the parts to do the job yourself except for the refrigerant lines, the compressor, and the condenser. 

IMPORTANT: This kit is easiest to install when the bus has already been swapped to a water cooled drivetrain. If you wish to install this kit in a bus with an original air cooled motor you will need to source a required bus compressor and get creative with air ducting if you want to retain your factory heating system.

Kit Includes:

  1. Plenum unit with fan, evaporator and heater core
  2. Ducting and necessary fittings to run air from the rear to the front of the bus.
  3. Variable controls for air temp, fan speed and air direction
  4. Wiring with electronic control unit and relays
  5. Analog control knobs with decal and housing
  6. Electric heater valve
  7. Hose for heater core, heat and dash vents and defrost
  8. Coolant duct to run the heat/cool air to the front of the van

Parts NOT Supplied:



For more information check out our dedicated Dash A/C and Climate Control Page