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Vanagon/T2 Front Wheel Hubs

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SCP is proud to introduce our front hubs to the general market.  Are you looking to upgrade your van with a custom caliper/rotor set up?  Are you thinking you want to future proof your brake set up? Some people know that stock left brake calipers went on shortage in 2023.

"But stock brakes are fine..."  

Stock Vanagon front brake disc brake systems did not use a wheel hub. This means that the wheel bearings must be installed into the disc itself. So, whenever a disc needs to be replaced the bearings must also be replaced or moved over to the new disc. Additionally, this design leaves no freedom to upgrade rotors, pads or calipers.

Say goodbye to those problems and hello to the SCP front hubs.  Our hubs carry the wheel bearings and allow a disc to be mounted to them. They're comprised of forged and machined high quality steel. They have threaded stud mounting to allow for easy stud replacment/install.  

Fitment Notes

  • These hubs work are compatible with all of our brake kits.  
  • Replacing a G60 competitor kits will require hubs
  • Hubs work with Vanagon wheels/tires.  Ensure you have correct wheel studs for your wheels.
  • They fit some T2 Late Bay Window Buses.  Call for details
  • Hubs optionally come with 40mm studs. (Please select them from the dropdown if you would like them.)
  • Hubs are sold as a set.
  • No returns once bearings are pressed or hubs installed.