T2/Vanagon Automatic Transmission Cooler Supreme

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The Small Car team is proud to share our upgraded automatic transmission cooler.  Many customers find that stock or even an upgraded 3-speed automatic transmission can heat up to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit in high stress applications.  This is evident when you see "weeping" from the vent holes on the transmission case.  This new cooling system has a thermostatically controlled fan that helps manage and extend the life of your automatic transmission fluid.  

SCP’s Transmission Cooler Kit Supreme cools the automatic transmission fluid using a heat exchanger and a thermostatically controlled high speed fan. This option provides an additional layer of protection for your automatic transmission against more extreme climate and driving conditions. Every rebuilt automatic transmission SCP installs with a Subaru conversion receives one. No matter what.


  • Mounts anywhere space permits
  • Electric fan supplies optimum airflow
  • Dramatically extends engine and transmission life
  • High efficiency OEM style Plate & Fin cooler
  • Clear anodized aluminum shroud
  • 500 CFM reversible Tornado electric fan
  • -6AN inlet size
  • 180°F in-line thermostat for activating the Tornado electric fan


This kit contains all the hoses, hardware, and fittings needed to mount and connect to your T2 or Vanagon automatic transmission.


Installation Instructions