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Bellhousing for Subaru: Manual Transmission Vanagon

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Small Car's Bellhousing is the ideal interface between the Subaru engine and the Vanagon manual transmission. Made from an aluminum alloy casting, it is precision machined and designed to use an integrated slave cylinder & release bearing. This housing bolts to your four speed or Syncro transmission and connects directly to any Subaru engine from 1990 onwards.

Also great for sand buggies using the Subaru engine and the 091 VW transmission.

The heavier flywheel allows driving at a lower rpm than with an adapter and the motor will seem smoother below 2000 rpm. The transmission also seems quieter, possibly because of the smoother power delivery. The clutch is super smooth on both disengagement and when starting from a stop.

Advantages SCP's Bellhousing vs. Adapter & Custom Flywheel:

  1. Much stronger engine to transaxle connection, plus 1999 and later engines use an additional 4 bolts.
  2. Better clutch options
  3. A reliable starter with more torque
  4. Super smooth clutch disengagement. No more stiff and glitchy pedal or $100 cross shaft
  5. No relocation or heat issues with the slave cylinder for turbo engined Vans
  6. Heavier flywheel for better low speed operation
  7. The starter is easier to access in a Syncro
  8. Big bonus for Syncro owners: the transmission can be removed and replaced much easier with the engine installed!
  9. If the flywheel ever needs replacing, the cost is $30-50 for used or $200 or so for new compared to over $350 for the custom adapter type flywheel


Note: We highly recommend that you use an all metal slave cylinder/release bearing assembly supplied by us or purchased from a VW dealer. Assemblies with any plastic will fail. Also note that our pressure plates are different than those from any other supplier. Use of any other pressure plate is unsupported by us and voids your warranty.

Kit Includes:

  • Machined bellhousing
  • Release bearing/slave unit attachment hardware
  • Drain plug
  • Input shaft seal
  • New pilot bearing
  • Release bearing/slave unit (an OEM part)



  • Vanagon: 2WD & Syncro
  • Subaru: 2.2L, 2.5L, 3.0L, 3.3L
  • Subaru Turbo: 2.0L, 2.2L, and 2.5L
  • Any engine mount, oil pan, and all known exhaust headers.
  • Our bellhousing is designed to position the Subaru engine in exactly the same place as the Waterboxer: 15mm more forward than when using a 5/8" aluminum adapter and specialized flywheel
  • Bolts onto the transmission without removing the input shaft


Needed Parts:

  • Vanagon transaxle with ten of the original bellhousing mounting bolts
  • RTV or similar sealant for the bellhousing to transmission surfaces
  • Original Subaru engine to transmission bolts
  • Subaru starter for manual transmission and mounting hardware
  • One of our clutch kits
  • Subaru flywheel - 2.2 or 2.5L normally aspirated, not turbo. (Dual mass flywheels work well for engines up to 175hp)
  • Flywheel and pressure plate mounting bolts


Sell or Recycle:

  • Vanagon Flywheel & Bolts
  • Vanagon Starter
  • Vanagon Clutch & Release bearing
  • Vanagon Bellhousing & Crosshaft
  • Vanagon Slave Cylinder & Bracket

Installation Instructions