2.5L Subaru-Vanagon Turbo Parts Kit - Automatic Vanagons

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Conversion Parts Kit for Subaru 2.0L, 2.2L & 2.5L Turbo into an Automatic Transmission Vanagon

A complete kit of parts to convert your Vanagon to a smooth, powerful, and more reliable Subaru turbo powerplant. This kit is a matched and proven set of parts that takes the worry out of building a Subaru powered Vanagon. No scouring the internet, fabricating parts, and worrying about whether muffler “A” will fit with bracket “B”. You will be rewarded with a finished conversion that looks and drives better than the original in every way - like it came from the VW-Subaru factory!


Why should you buy our parts?

  • We install, service and personally use what we sell. After building over 300 Subaru powered Vanagons, we have learned a lot about how to make them run well. From cooling systems to wiring harnesses, we have designed our products to get your Vanagon conversion up and running quickly and keep it performing well for years.
  • Our parts allow you to install a Subaru engine and lose nothing of the original Vanagon's utility and great design. This includes having great ground clearance without the exhaust and other components hanging down below the engine, the ability to refit the Syncro skid plate, and built-in support for the muffler. 
  • Our cooling system has been refined to perform better than anything else available. Simple, easy to bleed, and a heater system that works at least as well as the original. 
  • It can be difficult to find all the right parts to make your Subaru powered Vanagon come to life. When you purchase our parts, we help your project come together quickly and successfully. For those who choose to buy a complete package from us, expect prompt, accurate replies to your questions. No one else offers anything close in design, performance, and support.


This kit includes:

  • Adapter and flexplate
  • All stainless steel heliarc welded header with great ground clearance and HD flanges
  • Gaskets: header to engine
  • Small Car’s powder coated engine mount with mounting hardware Heavy duty stainless muffler mounts and stainless clamps (specify muffler diameter when ordering)
  • Accelerator cable kit 
  • Coolant hose kit with clamps and stainless inlet and outlet pipes - designed for reversed coolant manifold
  • Coolant reservoir bracket
  • Harness modification kit - our do-it-yourself diagrams and guide (not shown)
  • Discounts on aluminum oil pan, interface board and harness modification when ordered with the kit


The following should be purchased if you have a 1980-1985 Vanagon:


The following optional parts are recommended for the models indicated: 


This kit is to install the following engines:

  • All Subaru 2.2L Turbos
  • All Subaru 2.0L Turbos
  • Some 2.5L Turbos*

* Note that some years/models may require a modified harness and ECM from Small Car. See the Subaru engine compatibility page

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