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Vanagon Coolant Hose Kit: Turbo & 3.3L

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This kit utilizes our experience from completing over 300 Subaru conversions and provides a cooling system that is easily bled, a heater system that works perfectly, and a cool running engine – exactly what your Vanagon wants and needs!


Key Features:

  • Heliarc welded stainless steel coolant pipe
  • Easy connection of the Subaru coolant outlet to the Vanagon radiator pipe
  • No coolant manifold alterations are needed
  • 5/8" hose barb connection to the coolant reservoir - helps circulation and allows easy bleeding of the system
  • Beaded hose ends for watertight hose connections
  • Two welded tabs give you mounting support and flexibility


Kit Includes:

  • Stainless steel tee 1 ¼” x ¾”
  • Stainless steel pipe with reservoir hose fitting
  • Coolant reservoir bracket
  • Thermostat to tee hose
  • Tee to reservoir hose
  • Tee to Vanagon pipe hose
  • Water manifold to pipe hose
  • 5/8" heater hose
  • (12) hose clamps


The following should be purchased if you have a 1980-1985 Vanagon:

  • 1986-1991 coolant reservoir
  • 1983-85 original front-rear coolant pipes will require (1) hose reducer
  • Please note: the stock front to rear coolant pipes will need to shortened in the rear by six inches OR replaced with coolant pipes from a 1896-1991 Vanagon. 


This kit is to install the following Subaru engines:

  • 4-cylinder Turbos
  • 2.2L
  • 2.5L - with a standard (not reversed) manifold
  • 3.3L SVX


Please refer to cooling system schematic.