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ScanGauge II Driving Computer

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The ScanGauge II is an extremely compact automotive computer designed to read and display real time information about your vehicle.  Simply connect the ScanGauge II to your vehicle through its OBDII port using the included cable, turn the ignition key and the ScanGauge II automatically connects to your car’s internal computer - it's that simple!


Worried about where to mount the unit? The ScanGauge II includes two small strips of velcro tape. If you're not a fan or perhaps this is too flimsy for you, check out SCP's 3D Printed Scan Guage II Mount.



Scan Tool

  • Allows you to troubleshoot your own car: you can read error codes, the conditions present when the error occurred, as well as clear trouble codes once addressed
  • You can also turn off the “Check Engine" light and avoid those costly trips to the mechanic.
  • Communicates when the vehicle is "Ready" to pass OBDII testing
  • Makes and stores up to ten rewritable codes to send to the vehicle computer


Easy to Operate

  • Simple on-screen operation
  • Four menu driven soft keys
  • User settable update rate (Slow, Normal and Fast)
  • A HOME key to quickly return to the start screen
  • Detachable cable allows for easy portability from vehicle to vehicle


Customizable Display

  • Display four real time data sets at a time from the fifteen built-in digital gauges
  • Seven screen colors and a custom setting with 63 possible display colors
  • Three brightness settings – off, low, and high
  • Backlit display and keys
  • 50% larger screen than the original ScanGauge


Automatic Power Control

  • Automatic delayed power-down after engine shutoff
  • Automatic power-up when engine is started
  • Manual power-up with delayed power-down via HOME key


Non-Volatile Memory - stored information is not lost when disconnected

  • User and vehicle settings automatically saved
  • Up to 10 user commands can be stored and recalled


Compact and Easy to Install

  • No tools required
  • Detachable cable that can be connected on the back or side.
  • Easily moved from vehicle to vehicle
  • Just 4.8"W x 1.5"H x 1"D



  • Works with 1996 or Newer-Engine Vehicles including gas, diesel, propane, and hybrid vehicles
  • Works on all OBDII Protocols - including CAN which are required on all vehicles starting in 2008


X-GAUGE Programmable Gauge System

  • Display, customize, and monitor four distinct vehicle data sets – in real time
    • Fuel Economy & Rate, Transmission Temperatures, Battery Voltage, Coolant Temperature, Intake Air Temperature, Engine Speed (RPM), Vehicle speed (MPH), Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles), Engine Load, Throttle Position, Ignition Timing, Open/Closed Loop
  • Automatically tracks four sets of trip data - each with eleven individually stored parameters.
    • Maximum Speed, Average Speed, Maximum Coolant Temperature, Maximum RPM, Driving Time, Driving Distance, Fuel Used, Trip Fuel Economy, Distance to Empty, Time to Empty, Fuel to Empty


Performance Monitor

  • All new Performance Monitor for real-time performance measurements
  • Track your quarter-mile times and speeds at the track
  • Determine your vehicles 0-60 time
  • Measure your vehicles braking performance
  • Save and Recall performance runs
  • Monitor specific Digital Gauges


Buy an extra cable to use in another vehicle or our extension cable where more than six feet of cable is needed to reach from the OBD2 connector to the dash.

Note: If you’re having trouble getting the SCII to read data or it is falling asleep while the engine is running, try the settings below. Make sure to cycle the power after making changes to settings. You must wait up to a minute for the SCII to shut off after setting the sleep mode to voltage.
• Mode: KWPF
• Speed: Slow
• Sleep Mode: Voltage

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