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ScanGauge III Driving Computer

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Introducing the ScanGauge III!

The newest update from ScanGauge can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing. Features include built-in digital gauges, five sets of trip data and an easy-to-use Scan Tool that reads and clears trouble codes — all in an ultra-compact design that installs in minutes.


Worried about where to mount the unit? The ScanGauge III includes a widshield suction cup mount. If you're not a fan or perhaps this is too conspicuous for you, check out SCP's 3D Printed Scan Guage III Mount, linked below.



  • 1996 and newer OBDII vehicles



Digital Gauge Monitoring

  • Up to nine gauges at a time allow you to monitor the current operating conditions of your vehicle in real-time.


Automatic Trip Computers

  • Four built-in trip computers keep track of everything from fuel cost to distance traveled - and everything in between.
  • Data is stored and is retained even when the power is disconnected.
  • Each trip computer starts automatically and information is available anytime during the trip.


Time & Distance Trip Computers

  • Three trip computers based on time and distance: Current Trip, Today Trip, and Previous Day Trip.
  • Each trip computer starts automatically and tracks the following parameters:
    • MPG, Fuel Used, Max Coolant Temperature, Distance Driven, Max RPM, Hours Driven, Max MPH, Average MPH, Fuel Cost, Tank Trip
  • Current Tank of Fuel Trip Computer monitors and tracks:
    • MPG for current tank, Fuel Used on current tank, Tank to Empty, Distance Driven
    • Distance Until Empty, Hours driven on current tank, Hours to Empty, Average Speed, Fuel Used Cost


Turn off That Check Engine Light!

  • Scans for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
  • Display current and pending DTCs as well as their meanings.
  • Scans for emissions readiness and displays tests that have not passed prior to emissions testing.
  • Provides a method to force clear any detected or undetected DTCs with just a few touches of the screen.


Buy an extra cable (linked below) to use in another vehicle or our extension cable where more than six feet of cable is needed to reach from the OBD2 connector to the dash.

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