Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit

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We recommend upgrading the factory VW Automatic Transmission Cooler – especially when upgrading to a higher horsepower Subaru engine. It is a part that has become expensive to replace, is challenging to know when it’s failing, and will destroy both your transmission and coolant system when it does fail. And it WILL eventually fail.

SCP’s Transmission Cooler Kit keeps the automatic transmission fluid and coolant system separate and does a better job than the factory cooler of keeping the transmission fluid cool in hot weather. Additionally, if there is a failure, unlike the factory system, a leak will develop and can easily be detected and repaired – averting thousands of dollars to repair both your transmission and coolant system.

Our kit includes all the necessary hardware, does not require any drilling or tapping of the transmission, and can be installed without removal of the transmission. The two 5/8" hoses to the original cooler can be bypassed with this mender or can be rerouted to bypass the area entirely. The recommended mounting position is between the frame rails on the driver's side just in front of the transmission.

Looking for a more robust Automatic Transmission Cooler?

Check out SCP's Transmission Cooler Supreme - the cooler that we install on every A/T conversion - no matter what.