Quiet Power Steering Pressure Hose

Quiet Power Steering Pressure Hose

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Quiet Vanagon - Subaru Power Steering Pressure Hose - 4 or 6 Cylinder

This hose attaches directly to the Subaru power steering pump and connects to the Vanagon pipe to the power steering rack on the right side of the engine compartment. Built with internal baffling to reduce pump noise.


Standard hose


Hose mender for splicing the return line.


Please specify 14 or 16mm threads in your pump. Engines up to 1997 generally have the 16mm and 1998 and later usually have the 14mm threads, please verify.


If you are upgrading from the our standard hose to the quiet hose and can use your adapter fitting previously purchased from us, just order the following: HPSQ