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Interface Board Deluxe

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The Small Car Performance Interface Board Deluxe is designed to make a seamless 1996 and later Subaru installation with minimal engine codes, a working tach, an accurate temp gauge, and a functional neutral switch system. Installing our Interface Board Deluxe will ensure a clean and effective install. 

- Removes almost all codes from ECU. (P0600, and P0453 may be present on some vans)

-  Modifies the Subaru tachometer signal to work with the Vanagon tachometer. No modifications needed on the tachometer. (Note: late Vanagons do not need any tachometer signal modification, the Subaru signal works with the tachometer.)

-  Includes a potentiometer to allow you to get your temperature gauge sitting right where it sat from the factory. 

-  Provides a functioning neutral switch system to prevent idle hangs and your engine from stalling when decelerating.

-  Each board comes with a protective case.

Small Car Performance focuses on installing engines that use ECUs from 2006-2007 Imprezas and 2006-2008 Foresters. Our interface board has been tested with those ECUs and the following codes may still be present: P0600, and P0453. If you are using this board with an ECU not listed previously you may get more or less codes. If the pinout for your harness is not listed below and Small Car Performance did not complete your harness modification, we cannot offer technical support on the wiring of the interface board at this time. 

If you purchase one of our manufactured harnesses or have us modify your harness an interface board deluxe will be included. 

Installation instructions are below. If you have a Rev B board it will have terminals on two sides.

Installation Instructions Rev -

Installation Instructions Rev B

Product Note: With revision - and revision B boards being used with 2006 Subaru ECUs on some Vanagons a diode may need to be added to allow a Scan Gauge II to function properly. This diode should be placed on the tachometer output between the wire and the terminal. It should be orriented so that current can flow out of the interface board but not into the interface board.