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SCP Vanagon Aluminum Coolant Bottle

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Introducing the Small Car Performance Aluminum Coolant Bottle. We've been using this coolant bottle in all of our in shop conversion for a while now and we are now making it available to you. This bottle can be used with all Small Car Performance Subaru conversion and is compatible with 2.1L Waterboxers*. The details of our bottle are listed out below. 

Compact aluminum design that will last longer than the van.

  • Sight glass for easy viewing of coolant level. 
  • 1/8 NPT Schrader valve for pressure testing and filling the coolant system.
  • Uses the inexpensive stock coolant level sensor. 
  • Quality Stant radiator cap.
  • 5/8" and 1" barb fittings.

If you need a coolant level sensor please chose that from the drop down. Additionally, you will need an SCP Coolant Bottle Bracket if you do not currently have one. 

*When installed in the factory waterboxer location the sight glass will be not be easily viewed as it is positioned for Subaru powered vans.