DIY Wiring Harness Modification Kit

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Are you an expereinced DIYer? Do you have persistence and dozens of hours of extra time to devote to modifying a Subaru wiring harness? Yes? Keep reading...


This kit is a vehicle specific guide - not a step-by-step manual - that will require removing, splicing, and adding connections and wires so that a Subaru "bulkhead" wiring harness will operate the necessary functions of a Vanagon.


Also available is the Interface Board (linked below) for OBDII engines to help eliminate seven common fault codes. 


The Wiring Kit Includes the Following:

  • Identification of needed connectors in the harness
  • Pinout for the ECU with normal voltages and wire colors 
  • Pre-printed labels for ECU connectors 
  • Identification of unneeded wires to cut and tape off 
  • Wire labels and instructions for connecting to the vehicle 
  • Original Subaru wiring diagram for year and model requested 
  • General instructions 



  • 1983-1991 Vanagons
  • All other vehicles refer to your specific vehicle’s wiring diagram


This Kit is for the following US Models:

  • Baja 2.5L: 2003-2006
  • Baja Turbo: 2004-2006
  • Forester 2.5L: 1998-2008
  • Forester Turbo: 2004
  • Impreza 2.2L: 1995-2001 
  • Impreza 2.5L: 1998-2007 
  • Legacy 2.2L: 1990-1999 
  • Legacy 2.5L: 1996-2004 
  • Legacy & Outback 3.0L: 2001-2004
  • STI: 2004
  • SVX 3.3L: 1992-1996 
  • WRX: 2002-2005


Please Note: These kits cannot be returned or exchanged. Make sure to provide the correct year and model of your harness and ECU when ordering.