Subaru 3.3L to Syncro Vanagon Engine Mount Adapter

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The Small Car mount fits the 3.3L Subaru engines perfectly and has been designed and manufactured for 2WD Vanagons or Syncros.

Our mount has the advantage of placing the stock Vanagon rubber mounts at the rear of the engine which drastically reduces engine movement and vibration. Most importantly, the muffler can be rigidly mounted, like the VW factory intended, so the exhaust assembly moves with the engine reducing exhaust system flex and the inevitable breakage.

Our adapter comes with the hardware to bolt directly to the Subaru engine using the stock Vanagon rear crossbar (mustache bar). New new inner and outer rubber engine mounts are recommended. We added an extra rubber mount location in the center for a total of five - a requirement when using the smaller four cylinder oil filter.

For Syncro Vanagons, the stock skid plate can be extended 2 ½" to bolt up just like the factory fit. 

Installation Instructions (Page: 2) Note that these instructions are written for an EJ25 but the installation is the same for a 3.3L.