Nokian WRG4 XL Tire

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The Nokian WRG4 is a fantastic Vanagon tire. These may be the ideal tire for the majority of Vanagon owners. They have great traction, handling and braking in dry weather. They handle wet roads as well as any tire available and they are superb in snow and ice. The XL rating stands for extra-load, which means that they handle a fully loaded Van easily and still give that quick response to steering corrections that inspires confidence. In short, they perform markedly better than any other tire we have tried.

WRG4's also hold the "Severe Service Emblem," indicating that they meet snow traction requirements set by the Rubber Association of Canada. You can see this indication on the sidewall of the tire, designated as a snowflake inside a mountain peak. The WRG4 contains an additional snowflake symbol on the center of the tire tread that acts a safety indicator. As long as the 4 millimeter snowflake symbol remains visible, your tread is deep enough to safely handle Winter driving conditions. If you live in, or plan on visiting, a snowy region make sure your vehicle is equipped with safe tires that meet Winter driving requirements. In fact, many highways and mountain passes require Winter tires or snow chains and impose hefty fines on drivers.

The Silica compound used in these tires provides excellent grip, longer mileage, and better rolling resistance while maintaining winter properties. The Blade Groove Tread Pattern (directional) and unique tread positioning effectively expels water, snow, and slush while providing lateral grip. Info pin can inform the driver of road conditions based on outside air temperature surrounding the tire. Jointless Nylon belt helps prevent tread separations while providing a smooth, comfortable ride.

Green Tires - Nokian Tires use only purified oils in the tire production–no toxic or carcinogenic chemicals–all without compromising the grip and safety of the tires.


  • Excellent wet grip and stability
  • Cooling edge
  • 3D sipes
  • Hyrdoplaning indicator
  • Polished grooves
  • Purified oils
  • 1000's of biting edges creating unparalleled traction


WRG4 225/70 R16 XL
  • Load index 107H
  • Recommended rim width 6-7.5"
  • 26.6 lbs
  • Diameter 28.4"