Nokian One Tire

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The Nokian One a premium all season tire for the Vanagon. Know for their safety, durability, and sustainability, Nokian doesn’t only develop tires that last for thousands of miles, they craft tires that perform in the moments when you need them the most. The Nokian One is your go-to all season tire to perform in wet, hot, or even light snowy roads.

  • Comfort Base Compound: makes for smooth and quiet ride.
  • Polished Grooves: effectively and quickly remove water and road debris from the tire.
  • Silent Sidewall Technology: reduces noise, making driving more stable and comfortable
  • Silent Groove Design: reduces air resistance and cools the surface of the tire, in turn improving wear resistance.
  • Driving Safety Indicator (DSI): is a weardown indicator that indicates the remaining tread depth in millimeters.
  • Low Rolling Resistance: the lower the rolling resistance, the less energy is lost and less fuel needed.


Nokian 215/65 R16  

  • Load index 98H
  • Recommended rim width 6-7.5"
  • Weight: 25.1 lbs
  • Diameter 27"