Oversized Spare Tire Carrier

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Oversized Tire Carrier
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This spare tire carrier allows you to carry an oversized spare tire in the same place as the factor "clamshell" spare tire location. A 215/65/16 Nokian tire fits in most applications, but there is no guarentees for fitment of different types of tires.

All mounting hardware is included.

Fitment Notes:

  • You must remove the spring hoops and the tire will contact coolant hoses
  • If your tire or rim is too "thick" then you will have a hard time shifting into reverse for M/T Vanagons.
  • Automatic vans are best candidates for 215/65/r16 tires.  
  • Syncros have more space between the front cross member and the underside of the van, so this carrier is a great option for someone who doesn't offroad his or her Syncro.