T2 Wiring Harness Modification Service

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Harness Modification Includes:

  • The modification of customer supplied ENGINE HARNESS.
  • A basic functionality test: checking for correct engine management functions (including variable valve timing), main and fuel pump relay operation, the elimination of the Immobilizer, and for utilizing SCP’s Speed Sensor (unless noted otherwise).
  • Clearly marked wires – including the alternator and A/C (if applicable).
  • Speed Sensor Kit
  • Fuse Panel
  • Interface Board
  • Relays
  • Scan Gauge II

Please Keep in Mind:

  • We recommend that the electronic pedal in Drive-by-wire systems be mounted near the engine so the wire length to that sensor is suitable for that location.
  • All harnesses are rebuilt to allow the ECU to be placed under the rear seat.
  • Please note that some codes, for example with automatic transmission harnesses, may still be present - although they do NOT affect engine performance or operation.
  • OBD2 harnesses include our interface board to help eliminate seven fault codes common on Subaru Vanagon conversion.

Ready to modify?

  • Fill out and return your Wiring Harness Modification Form – please pay careful attention to all the items that must be included when you send us your harness(es).
  • Please allow up to four weeks after we receive your harness for completion. A harness received without an ECU will have the arrival date deferred to the date the ECU arrives. 

We regret that we can no longer accept harnesses that have already been partly modified by someone else.

Please note: the lead time can be four to six weeks.