Tesla Drive Unit EV Conversion Harness

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Tesla Drive Unit EV Conversion Harness
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This harness provides the installer with a base to build off of for their Tesla EV conversion. The harness will come labeled with wires ran for the following EV components.

  • EV Controls T-2C
  • Tesla Large Rear Drive Unit
  • Charging Contactor
  • Positive Contactor
  • Negative Contactor
  • Pre-Charge Circuit
  • Tesla Brake Pedal Switch
  • Tesla Throttle Pedal
  • Fuse Panel

As this is not a Vanagon specific product some of the harness branches will be left with open wires so that they can be cut or lengthed to the necesary length. The connectors and pins for the branches will be included. This harness does not include the motor harness. You will need to obtain that from your donor vehicle. However, the harness will come with labeled wires that allow you to splice the motor harness into your SCP harness. 

Wiring will need to be added for the following systems:

  • Charging
  • Battery Managment
  • Battery Cooling
  • Motor Cooling

There are many different options for each of the afformentioned systems. If you'd like to discuss further, please reach out. 

Harnesses are made to order and have a 2-3 week lead time. A wiring diagram will be included with the purchase of a harness.