TerraWagen Fender Flare Kit

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We are excited to be partnering with the team at TerraWagen and featuring their awesome fender flare kit.

Volkswagen originally produced a front fender flare kit for the German and Swiss post office Transporters. Because VW never had a matching rear fender flare to go with their front, TerraWagen created a matching rear flare. Reproduced in modern flexible TPO plastic with the exact texture and color and made in the USA by TerraWagen.


This kit fits:

  • All 2WD & Syncro Vanagons

No need to specify 2WD or Syncro, we include both parts in the kit. Instructions and mounting hardware included.


* Front flares mount to underside of door. This design keeps the van's fender covered and free from mud and debris. Your white pants will thank you!

Please note: the South African style mud flaps don't work with our flares. However the OEM VW mud flaps do.