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  • Oxygen Sensor Pair 05'-12' Oxygen Sensor Pair 05'-12'

    Oxygen Sensor Pair 05'-12'

    This kit includes the rear oxygen sensor and the front A/F sensor needed for an 2005' to 2010' EJ25. We highly reccomend replacing these sensors when installing a Subaru engine in your van. Please specify the model and year of your engine when...

  • Interface Board


    Interface Board

    This interface board is for 1996 and later Subaru OBDII engines to eliminate seven common fault codes: fuel tank sensor signal, fuel tank pressure valve, fuel tank drain valve, fuel tank pressure solenoid valve, fan relay #1 & #2, fuel...

  • ScanGauge III Driving Computer ScanGauge III Driving Computer ScanGauge III Driving Computer ScanGauge III Driving Computer ScanGauge III Driving Computer


    ScanGauge III Driving Computer

    Introducing the ScanGauge III! The newest update from ScanGauge can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing. Features include built-in digital gauges, five sets of...

  • Hall Effect Speed Sensor Kit

    Hall Effect Speed Sensor Kit

    All the OBD2 engines from 1996 on require a vehicle speed sensor. The engines up to 1995 will also idle and perform better with one installed. This hall effect speed sensor bolts to a Vanagon transmission and the magnetic ring to a cv joint flange...

  • ScanGauge Cable


    ScanGauge Cable

    Use this cable to allow your ScanGauge II or ScanGauge III tool to work in an extra vehicle without removing your original cable.Most applications like Vanagons and Buses will require a cable extender. Get that here. 

  • Cable Extension for ScanGauge


    Cable Extension for ScanGauge

    If your OBD2 connector is in the rear and more than six feet away from the dash, this extension cable adds another 20 feet to your cable. In Vanagons this allows you to keep all connections inside the vehicle and out of the elements.Includes necessary...

  • Interface Board Deluxe Interface Board Deluxe


    Interface Board Deluxe

    The Small Car Performance Interface Board Deluxe is designed to make a seamless 1996 and later Subaru installation with minimal engine codes, a working tach, an accurate temp gauge, and a functional neutral switch system. Installing our Interface Board...

  • DIY Wiring Harness Modification Kit


    DIY Wiring Harness Modification Kit

    Are you an expereinced DIYer? Do you have persistence and dozens of hours of extra time to devote to modifying a Subaru wiring harness? Yes? Keep reading...   This kit is a vehicle specific guide - not a step-by-step manual - that will require...

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