EJ25 Drive By Wire Engine: Low Mileage

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Small Car is proud to introduce a budget-friendly re-power option for drive-by-wire (DBW) Subaru conversions!  This motor is specifically designed to work with our manufactured harness and our conversion kits.  Here are some fast facts on the motor:

  • Motors come to us with less than 50,000 miles (typically under 40,000)
  • They come with all peripherals needed installed on the block including power steering, alternator, and optional A/C compressor
  • New spark plugs, thermostat, water pump, and plug well seals are included in the build
  • All sensors and wiring are original to engine


Warranty Information

All used motors are sold as-is and carry no warranty. 

DIY installaters looking for a warrantied engine installation should evaluate our rebuilt engine options.  We encourage shop installers to call our team and investigate engine warranty options with our team.