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VANAGONLIFE’s MPV Vents not only modernize and update the look of your Vanagon but offer the added functionality of an auxiliary power/solar port. With the ability to externally charge your batteries or have 12-volt power outside of the van can be a game changer.


The MPV Vents require no additional modifications – they are a direct replacement to the stock rear quarter vent. Most importantly they’ve undergone testing on multiple platforms and show no evidence of increased engine temps, oil temps or inadequate airflow issues. The aluminum mesh can be detached either to allow the customer the ability to paint or to completely remove for better air flow.


Features & Specifications:

  • Laser Cut Steel
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Solar/Auxiliary Port is a watertight Zamp Solar unit that has a 10 Ga. two wire pigtail ready for wiring directly your battery
  • Laser Cut Aluminum Mesh perfectly fits the outer vent and attaches with 3M supplied double sided tape
  • Includes all necessary stainless hardware, internal support brackets, and backer plates



  • 1981-1991 Vanagons