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Throttle Body Reverser: T2, Bus

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Small Car is proud to introduce the Throttle Body Reverser to our portfolio of products.  This product is designed for all years Subaru EJ22 and EJ25.  It will accomodate both Drive-by-wire throttle bodies and cable drawn units.  

This unit is particularly useful for simply converting Bay Window, Beetles, and other aircooled VWs to Subaru Power.  Are you doing a sand rail conversion?  Grab this to make your life easier!  

If you find you have issues with ignition coil clearance, you will need to make a stand-off and use longer bolts to create clearance.  This is common on the early EJ25 ('99-'01).

Late buses will require clearancing of the firewall in order to fit the throttle body. 

Please feel free to reach out with questions.