Morimoto Sealed6 5.75 Inch Headlight Set

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Are you looking for a modern looking LED with great lighting for your inner headlights? Look no further!  

The 5.75" Round LED produces 2,400 lumens for low beam, and 4,300 limens for high beam.


  • Plug & Play - Plugs into factory headlight harness for easy installation
  • Modern Styling - Giving your van a futuristic look
  • Superior - Over 2x the light output of halogens to keep you and your classic safe
  • Low Draw/Extended Life - Less current draw and 6x the life of halogen sealed beams
  • Compliant - No-glare beam pattern meets or exceeds SAE and DOT Requirements
  • Proper Fitment - Engineered to fit most shallow light buckets found on classic vehicles
  • Stronger - UV Treated Polycarbonate Lens won't shatter and is 10x stronger than glass or standard plastic

Please note that if your Vanagon origonally came with round headlights and has not already been wired for inner lights you will need to purchase our wiring kit. The drop down will add a harness kit for each light you purchase. 

Sold as a pair.