5.75" X LED Headlights

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Looking for a modern headlight look for your van? This might be the product for you. These "X" style LED headlights offer excellent lighting, great quality, and a nice looking X feature. They are DOT approved as well. 

The X on these lights can be wired up as a turn signal or as a running light. In the product images it has been wired up as a running light. These headlights go great with our 7" Halo LED headlights. 

7" Halo LED Headlights

Headlight Specs

Power: High Beam 40W/ Low Beam 20W

Voltage: 12-30V

Lumen: 3200lm(high beam),2300lm(low beam)

Material: Diecast Aluminum Housing, PC lens

Color Temperature: 6000K

Housing: Black

Lifespan: 30,000hr

Note: These lights require an additional slot to be cut into headlight retaining ring of the Small Car 5.75" light brackets. This slot must be cut at "3 o'clock". It only takes a few minutes and can be completed by a novice installer.

Wiring: These headlights connect via an H4 connector. There is an additional spade terminal that must be connected to either your turn signal circuit or your running light circuit. Both of these circuits can be accessed by removing the front turn signals. 

Sold as a pair.