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Lite-Steer Power Steering Upgrade: T2 Bus

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Are you tired of the workout it takes to parallel park your T2? Maneuvering your Bay Bus at low speeds around a parking lot doesn’t have to be difficult. Small Car has a solution to keep you in the driver’s seat of your beloved bus without the sore arms and back.

We’ve partnered with Lite-Steer, a global leader in engineering and manufacturing aftermarket Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) for the classic car market. Developed over many years to enhance and modernize the VW Bus driving experience, Lite-Steer’s EPAS is a modern electronic version of the now old-fashioned hydraulic power steering systems.


Why upgrade?

  • Efficiency: the EPAS system only uses power when assistance is required – mostly at low speeds while parking and maneuvering. Therefore, it puts very little demand on the engine thus increasing fuel economy.
  • Adaptability: adjustable resistance and speed sensor signals can be altered to fit individual driving styles.
  • Weight: there is significant weight savings since the EPAS system is only compromised of a steering column and motor unit rather than a hydraulic rack, high pressure pump, hoses, and reservoir.
  • Electric Safety: the EPAS’s custom wiring loom takes power only from the battery, therefore there is no extra load put on the vehicle’s original wiring.
  • Aesthetics: upgrade to 21st century steering technology without sacrificing the classic look of your bus.



  • T2 Bay Window Bus: 1976-1979