Coolant pipe stainless

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This heliarc welded stainless coolant pipe is designed to go across the back and the right side of the Vanagon engine bay to allow easy connection of the Subaru coolant outlet to the Vanagon radiator pipe. No coolant manifold alterations are needed when you use this pipe with a Subaru 2.2, 2.5, 3.3 or 2.0L turbo engine. The pipe also has a 5/8" hose barb for connection to the coolant reservoir which helps circulation and allows easy bleeding of the system. All hose ends on this pipe are nicely beaded for watertight hose connections and two welded on tabs with a choice of mounting holes allow mounting support. The hose size on the end barbs is 1 3/8" although 1 1/2" fits reasonably well also. The original Subaru radiator hose can be used between the pipe and the engine. Straight hose can be used on the front connection to the Vanagon.