CFD Vanagon Rally Bumper: Rear

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Introducing the Crooked Finger Designs Rally Bumper for 2WD and Syncro Vanagons – Unleash Your Vanagon's Off-Road potential!

Designed by people who push their vans to the edge, the Crooked Finger Designs Rally Bumper is not just a decorative bumper; it's true armored protection for your van. Engineered to embody strength, aggression, and the rugged heritage of off-road competitions, this bumper is your Van's perfect companion for tackling off-road terrain and embracing the road less traveled.

Key Features:

  • Robust Build for Unrivaled Strength: Engineered for strength where it counts, and hand built in the USA the CFD Rally Bumper will stand up to whatever you throw at it - on and off the road. This isn’t a flimsy plate bumper that will bend as soon as it touches a tree root - its stout tube frame ensures your Vanagon is ready to tackle any adventure with confidence.
  • Aggressive Rally-Inspired Design: The bumpers use a 1/8” wall tube frame with armor plating for a bumper that looks good and is strong as hell. This bumper isn’t just expensive eye-candy your Vanagon – it makes it a true off-road beast – they would be perfectly at home on a Dakar Rally van.
  • Hand Built By Vanagon Enthusiasts: At CFD we don’t just work on Vanagons - we use them. We’ve dented our share of body panels and bent and twisted other aftermarket bumpers. We live and breathe them, this bumper is designed by those who appreciate the needs of Vanagon owners. Every detail, curve, and feature is carefully crafted to look good and complement your Vanagon's distinctive style.
  • Easy Installation with Precision Fit: The Crooked Finger Rally Bumper is engineered to be slick and easy to install. The front and rear bumper each uses 6 mounting points to anchor into the frame of the Vanagon. No modification is necessary for the rear bumper, and the front only requires a few factory holes be opened up larger.
  • Durable Powder-Coated Finish: The bumper is not just tough; it looks the part too. The final bumpers will be finished with a durable powder-coat that a factory finish and protects the bumper from the elements (not pictured).  

Unleash the full potential of your Vanagon with the Crooked Finger Designs Rally Bumper. Get true protection for your van and turn heads on the trail. 

These are first article bumpers, built and cut by hand in shop. Please expect some irregularities.

Swing Away assemblies are currently on a 4 week lead time.