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2WD to 4WD Syncro Conversion Sheet Metal Kit for Vanagons

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This bracket set contains all the sheet metal brackets necesary when converting a two wheel drive Vanagon to four wheel drive. Brackets are uncoated mild steel so it is important that you paint them before or after install. Below are some basic instructions on how to install/use these brackets.

Notes: Nuts and bolts are not included. They are only shown for instructional purposes so that you know where to weld the nuts in. 

Installation Instructions

Gas Tank Strap Bracket: This bracket is installed to the firewall of the van. It is located as shown in the images below. You have some flexibility with its vertical positioning since the tank straps are adjustable. It will come pre-bent but must have M8 nuts welded to it in the locations shown. 


Transmission/Skidplate Mounting Template: This bracket will come flat and must be bent. Make a bend to match the frame rail of the van where the front of the transmission mounts up. Use the indicated holes below to align the template. Drill all 8 indicated holes to greater than 8mm. 

Driver/Passenger Skid Plate Nut Plates: These nut plates are to be spot welded into the frame rail. Follow the instructions in the images below. They will be used to secure the transmission and skid plates.  



Skid Plate/Drive Line Bar Mounting Brackets: These brackets will come pre-bent. They are welded into place using the two large holes on the brackets. They are located with the provided template. You will then secure the drive line skid plate bars to them. 

Front Subframe Mounting Plates: These brackets are to be welded into the front frame rails of the van. To located them you must have the engine, transmission, drive shaft, front diff, and subframe temporarily installed in the van. With those items installed, install the plates into place with a few bolts. Tack weld the plates into place. Remove the drive shaft, subframe, and diff then completely weld the plates in place. The image to the left below shows the subframe temporarily in place for tacking in the mounting plates. 



This concludes the instructions for this kit. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out.