SCPerformance AC Installation Warranty


Our mission is to modernize and improve the vehicles we convert and service to the highest standard possible.  Considering these vehicles are 30-60 years old, it is important to standardize our terms, conditions, and warranties.   

Service Warranty 

  • Labor: SCP’S labor is warrantied for 90 days 
  • Parts: This varies by supplier. Resale products are subject to manufacturer’s terms and conditions.  This includes SCP manufactured parts.   

 Dash AC Warranty 

SCP strives provide the best aftermarket air conditioning systems for vintage VWs.   

  • SCP warranties all labor for installation of the Dash AC System for Vanagons and rear AC for T2 Buses.   
  • Rear Vanagon AC refits, recharges, or service are not warrantied.  No exceptions.   
  • Although rare, here is a list of parts in the installation that are warrantied: 
    • Evaporator 
    • Receiver/drier 
    • Condenser
    • Hoses 
  • Fittings, O-rings, and used compressors are not warranty items. 
  • If new parts are declined to reuse “good” used parts, we reserve the right to decline a warranty claim. 

Dash AC Warranty Claims 

AC system failures need to be diagnosed by SCP or an SCP approved AC technician prior to any warranty work being completed.   

  • AC recharge reimbursement has a maximum of $200-includes parts & labor 
  • SCP does not reimburse diagnostic time 
  • SCP does not reimburse labor for major part failure (evaporator, compressor, etc.) but we will replace the unit. 
  • SCP’s labor reimbursements are $70/hr. 

Non-SCP Conversion Service 

SCP does not warranty any work to troubleshoot and service a conversion to a vehicle that was not completed at SCP.  To service a converted vehicle, you must purchase a complete vehicle inspection to determine path forward.  After inspection, SCP reserves the right to decline service.  In the event this happens, we will offer the customer a quote for a complete conversion.   

Removed Parts 

All parts removed during the service or conversion become the property of Small Car Performance.  This ensures proper disposal, upcycling, and sustainability for both our industry and our environment.