Welcome to the SCP Technical Support Library!

Below you will find an assortment of technical support documents and installation instructions to support the Subaru Vanagon conversion process. We are constantly expanding and updating this resource. Don't see something you need? Contact the SCP team!

Subaru Conversion Support

Here you'll find details and instructions for procuring and installing your own DIY EJ22/EJ25 Subaru conversion!  We highly encourage you to review the documentation prior to calling our team.

Electrical Support

Considering doing your harness yourself?  Check out SCP's DIY Harness Modification Kit

 If this seems like to big a job, you have two options:

  1. Procure a donor harness and send to SCP with this Wiring Harness Modification Form
  2. Get in touch and have the SCP Team procure a harness to match your needs.  

Brake System Upgrades