Stainless Steel Header: Turbo Subaru

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After many years in development, we've perfected the design and construction of our stainless-steel header. We’ve designed it to be as compact as possible for strength and to maximize ground clearance. Made from the preferred material for high temperature applications, 321 stainless steel offers extreme resistance to high temperatures. Commonly used for turbo and aircraft applications, 321 stainless steel withstands temperatures in excess of 1650 degrees without losing its structural integrity.



  • 2mm thick pipes - 321 stainless steel
  • 3mm thick collectors - 321 stainless steel
  • 12mm Flanges - 304 stainless steel
  • EGT Sensor Port


Fits the Following Subaru Engines:

  • 2.2L Turbo
  • 2.0L WRX
  • 2.5L Turbo


 (2) Header Gaskets are recommended for installation.