Schwenk Spring Set: 2WD Carat

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Small Car Performance is now a proud authorized dealer of Schwenk Vanagon Springs!

 Schwenk Springs! are a significant upgrade from the stock VW Vanagon Springs but importantly are still in compliance with stock VW specs for vehicle ride height, alignment, and shock valving – making trips to alignment and mechanic shops headache free.


What’s so great about Schwenk Carat Springs?

  • Newly designed for 20222!
  • Modeled after the stock VW Carat Springs
  • Firmer and lower than standard springs
  • Tighter and sportier handling and stability
  • Fully Progressive Rear Springs


How will Schwenk Carat Springs affect my ride height?

VW’s Carat Springs were designed for the weight of the tin-top - non-camper – for both for height and handling. Schwenk has not departed from this approach.

A Tin Top with Schwenk’s Carat Springs will have a ride height of 15.5", measuring from the center of the wheel/axle to the lower lip of the fender. An empty Westy would have a ride height of roughly 15.25" - keep in mind that this will drastically change (especially on the driver’s side) when Westy loaded with propane, water, and other gear often loaded into a Westy.


What’s so great about Chrome Silicon Pre-Tensioned Steel?

All Schwenk Springs are made of Chrome Silicon Pre-Tensioned Steel. Chrome Silicon is simply the best material available for automotive springs for the simple reason that it does not sag over time, like other spring steel does; but also, because it can be wound to closer tolerances as well - meaning more accurate and consistent spring rates across the entirety of the manufacturing process.