Renogy Dual Input Charger: DC-DC & Solar 50A

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Renogy’s Dual Input Charger allows you the ability to isolate your starter battery from your auxiliary battery system, charge both batteries while driving, and charge auxiliary batteries when connected to solar - all in one unit! There is no other product on the market that offers these features at this price point. Renogy’s Dual Input battery charger is a game changer for any vehicle’s auxiliary battery system – but especially in a Vanagon where space is a commodity.


  • Multiple Battery Chemistries: Charges Flooded, Gel, AGM, or Lithium batteries.
  • Battery Isolation: Starter battery and auxiliary batteries are kept separate.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology: More efficiently converts the higher voltage DC output from solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge 12V auxiliary batteries.
  • DC-DC Charging: connects and charges an auxiliary battery from a starter battery when vehicle is in operation – charged by the alternator.
  • Multi-Alternator Compatibility: compatible with both traditional and smart alternators.
  • Built-in Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR): can independently adjust the charging voltage to a higher voltage than the alternator puts out – key for the different charging profiles needed by the different battery chemistries.
  • Temperature Monitor and Voltage Adjustment: measures the temperature at the battery in real-time and uses this data for accurate temperature compensation for both too high or low battery temperature – adjusting the voltage to assure stable and constant charging to the battery.
  • Silent and Efficient Heat Dissipation: constructed from die-cast aluminum for efficient and ZERO dB noiseless heat dissipation
  • RJ45 Communication Port: using BT-2 Bluetooth Module (linked below) you can control and monitor battery systems in real time using Renogy’s DC Home App.



Electrical Parameters

  • Battery Voltage Range: 9-16VDC
  • Maximum Charging Current: 50A
  • Battery Types: SLD/AGM, GEL, FLD, LISER
  • Service Battery Charging Mode: MPPT
  • Charging Efficiency: Up to 97%
  • Maximum Solar Input Voltage: 25V
  • Maximum Solar Input Power: 660W
  • Alternator Input Voltage:
    • Traditional Alternator: 13.2-16VDC
    • Smart Alternator (Euro 6): 12-16VDC
  • Alternator Input Power: 400W
  • Self-consumption: 60mA

Mechanical Specifications

  • Terminal Size: M8*1.25 - 10mm
  • Temperature Compensation: -3mV/C/2V
  • Operating Temperature Range: -31°F - 149°F
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40°F - 176°F
  • Operating / Storage Humidity: 0%-95%, No Condensation
  • Dimensions: 9.6” x 5.7” x 3”
  • Weight: 3.13 lbs.
  • Communication Protocol: RS485


  • Material and workmanship warranty: 2 Year