Rear AC Add-On Hose Kit For Dash AC Systems

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This is a complete hose and control kit that allows you to run both your Small Car Dash AC and your factory rear AC system. We've thoroughly tested this system and have been very satisfied. No longer will your passengers overheat while you stay cool in the front seat. 

This kit includes:

  • Fittings to adapt to your stock evaporator
  • Control valve to ensure the rear evaporator is only on when you want it to be
  • Pre-cut lengths of hose for both high and low pressure sides
  • Rear AC Controll Mounting Bracket
  • Optionally - Factory rear AC controls

Installation notes: Installing this kit to an existing AC system will require a recharge. Additionally, since most rear AC units have sat for years without operating it is important that you inspect your original wiring to make sure everything is in good enough shape to be ran again.

Please note: Fittings are NOT pre-crimped to the hose. With the variabilty in vans, we've found it necessary for customers to have the ability to trim hose lengths to the perfect fit as well as fit through grommets and holes in the dash. An AC hose crimper can be purchased or rented from most auto parts stores. 

Installation Instructions