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NAHT | North American High Top

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NAHT Shell

Small Car Performance is proud to announce the the distribution of the North American High Tops.  The NAHTs are here and ready all of the do-it-yourselfers to bring those tin tops into the clouds.  The NAHTs include two sets of side windows and the raw shell for your mounting and upgrading your tin top.  You can also use this top to replace any Westfalia roofs with no cutting needed to the Vanagon.  The top does need to trimed to fit the roof line of the van.  This does not come pre-cut for windows.  You will be responsible for all fitment and window holes.  

Keep an eye for the DIY installation kit that will include your adhesives, fans, etc.


Why would you get a High Top?  You...

  • have a tin top and want to be able to sleep in the van on a roofbed
  • put a premium on stealth camping
  • enjoy camping in the winter
  • pop tops don't do it for you

Why you wouldn't want a high top?  You...

  • frequent Starbucks drive-thrus
  • don't own a step ladder for washing your van
  • believe aerodynamics matter while at the same time DRIVE A VANAGON