Aluminum Oil Pan with Small Car Engine Mount Installation Instructions

  1. Thoroughly clean the aluminum pan before installation.
  2. Drain the oil from the engine.
  3. Remove the dipstick tube from the oil pan.
  4. Remove the oil pan bolts.
  5. Support the right side of the engine from above or from below.

    Engine Support

  6. Remove the two bolts holding the right side engine mount to the motor and the two bolts and nuts holding that part to the back plate.
  7. Pry the oil pan loose from the engine and remove the oil pan and the engine mount part together.

    Pry oil pan loose

  8. Clean the engine surface of any left over sealing compound.
  9. Remove the oil pickup tube and install the tube that came with the aluminum pan. Don't forget to place a new o-ring on the base of the pickup tube. 2010-12 Legacy engines will require taping the holes for the securing bolts. Remember to use the short original pan bolts. Tap size 6x1.0mm. Tap just enough be careful not to let metal fall into the engine.
  10. Tighten the 6mm bolts to 7 lb/ft.
  11. Use an even coat of a silicone sealant like Permatex Ultra Grey on the sealing surface of the new pan.
  12. Place the round opening of the engine mount over the dipstick snout of the pan and install the oil pan using the supplied 6mm bolts and washers. Torque to 7 lb/ft. (Note: Some bolt holes toward the front of the engine block may not be tapped deep enough. If bolt is too long and sticks out, use one extra washer provided on that bolt.

    Install oil pan

  13. Reinstall the bolts and nuts for the engine mount. Torque to 40 lb/ft.
  14. Install new o-rings onto the dipstick tube and insert the tube into the pan. If you are using the stock dipstick tube, it may be necessary to use washers or a spacer at the top mounting tab.

    Insert dipstick into oil pan

  15. Torque oil drain plug to 15 lb/ft.
  16. Pour in your new oil and note the position on your dipstick for future reference. We recommend a minimum of 4 quarts of oil and a maximum of 5 quarts.