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Complete Air Intake Assembly Upgrade

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Introducing SCP’s new and much improved Air Intake Assembly for your 2.5L Subaru conversion. Gone are the days of retrofitting a Subaru air box or fabricating one of your own. We are offering a cleaner and more professional looking engine bay as well as a washable reusable air filter.



  • 2.5L Subaru Engines


Kit Includes:

  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Coupling (linked below)
  • Air Intake Panel
  • Silicone Reducers & Elbows
  • Aluminum Coupling
  • Rubber Intake Hose
  • Fasteners & Hardware
  • High-flow, washable, pre-oiled, synthetic cone air filter


Kit Does NOT Include:

  • MAF Sensor


Upgrade Option:

  • K&N Performance Air Filter  

Installation Instructions