Vanagons Available!

Available Vanagons


We currently don't have any more Vanagon's available through us for the time being, but we'd be happy to help advise you in finding the best van for you, provide pre-purchase inspection, and/or plan for future upgrades!

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Small Car Performance is your one stop shop to building and customizing your perfect Vanagon, Westy, or Syncro! Available now stock Westies. Buy one as is, or trick one out and turn it into your dream van. With our Vanagons, you don't have to worry about dealing with third-party sellers and multiple shops to get your van exactly how you envision it. Just show up and choose what upgrades and accessories you'd like done. Plus, when you buy one of the available vans, you'll receive 10% off all upgrades at Small Car (including Subaru and Syncro conversions!).


The most recent year Vanagons are now about 30 years old. Finding any car that old with a solid body and good mechanics can be a difficult task, and to an untrained eye, it can be nearly impossible. Small Car has taken this difficulty out of the buying process.

We do offer a 10% discount on any upgrades for a Vanagon available through us at asking price.

Before vans are made available, we'll do general repairs and some restoration as needed to vans that are in otherwise excellent condition, but we won't build anything on spec because we don't want you to pay for anything you don't want. This too often happens in the third-party marketplace where people pay too much for a car with upgrades they don't need and won't use. We believe that the most important thing of the van-buying experience is that you find a Vanagon that not only meets, but exceeds all your expectations. That's why it's our goal that you leave with a Vanagon that's perfectly tailored to fit your needs.

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